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Biohazard Testimonials

Dear Andrew Corp, I just wanted to thank you so much for your compassion on Thursday when you came by my brother's house to provide an estimate for clean up. You were absolutely amazing. I have been telling everyone how kind and warm and compassionate you were for our situation. I know it is probably just part of your job but you are exceptionally good at it. You helped me to fell better and just your amazing approach was so on target & needed. I won't forget you and how you were so understanding towards our circumstances. I will be sure to tell other Realtors (my profession) about your company and its services and about how professional you were. It will not be forgotten as that moment was one ingrained in my mind forever. Thanks again so much for the compassion you showed as it was very much appreciated.

The crew was very professional and that I was very grateful for your services.

Fantastic Personnel – always prompt, courteous and efficient.

The Project Manager and crew were very professional and I was very grateful for your services.

Extremely pleased with scheduling arrangements and punctuality and the courteous representative.

It was really nice that SERVPRO was able to accommodate me and get out there so quickly!